Fund Development

My interest in nonprofit management and fund development comes from teaching related university courses and consulting with numerous organizations doing fund development planning, capital campaign planning, various types of fundraising and dealing with nonprofit management issues.  These links are to pages in this site that contain various fundraising ideas, precedents, best practices and discussions of issues related to nonprofit management.  

Fund Development Plan

This section includes a basic outline for a fund development plan. The plan takes all aspects of fundraising for your nonprofit organization into account and includes ideas for the selection of the most appropriate fundraising methods for your plan.

Establishing an Endowment
This page outlines a step-by-step process for building an endowment fund.  An endowment fund is money set aside to fund recurring expenses, like scholarships or awards or to fund the expenses of a particular aspect of a nonprofit organization's programs.
Understanding Donors

Some graphics that illustrate some of the basic processes that influence a donor when they receive a donation request.  This is a complex process but some of the key points hopefully simplify it.

Fundraising Basics

Small nonprofit organizations or organizations that are just getting started may want to focus on the basics. This section highlights the four basic areas of fund development that provide a starting point for most fund development operations.

Raise Awareness

Every fund development plan should contain a communications plan that strategically uses a variety of media to raise awareness for the cause and the organization to support fundraising efforts. This list is the result of some brainstorming about ways an organization can increase cause awareness without spending any money.

Fundraising Case

The first step in preparing fundraising communication is to write a "case for support", often called a "case statement". This section contains a detailed outline for writing a fundraising case for support.

Sponsorship vs. Donations

Details about how to secure coporate sponsors are in the marketing section of this site. This link is to a chart that compares sponsorship to donations, a necessary first step to consider before choosing the most appropriate option for your fundraising objectives.